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Hi, I am Agust Gudbjornsson

Hi there!

As a seasoned graphic designer based in Reykjavík, Iceland, I am deeply passionate about design and its power to captivate, inspire, and evoke emotion. I thrive on the process of creating visual and technical enhancements that elevate the impact of my work, whether it’s for a client’s project or a personal endeavor.

My love for design is evident in every aspect of my work. From meticulously crafting pixel-perfect layouts to experimenting with innovative techniques, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to deliver results that exceed expectations. Whether I’m working solo or collaborating with a team, I relish the opportunity to combine my creative skills with others, leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise to achieve our collective vision.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of leading imaginative teams and steering the creative direction for film productions, experiences that have further fueled my passion for design and storytelling. Whether it’s designing a brand identity that resonates with audiences or crafting immersive digital experiences that leave a lasting impression, I am dedicated to delivering excellence in every project I undertake.

In addition to my professional endeavors, I am committed to fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration within the design community. Whether it’s mentoring aspiring designers or sharing insights at industry events, I am always eager to contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of creative talent.

Overall, my journey as a graphic designer has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a passion for innovation, and a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of design. I look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of creativity and creating meaningful experiences that resonate with audiences around the world.

Contact me

By phone +354 7662323 or email


Marketing at Kemi / Poulsen, Iceland
September 2023 - ~
Graphic Designer at HEKLA, Iceland
March 2019 - August 2021
Marketing Manager (Part-time) at XICE ehf., Iceland
Nov 2014 - Jul 2015
CEO & Art Director at 23 Advertising Agency, Iceland
January 2010 - November 2018
COO/Creative Director at MouseTrap Ltd., Iceland
November 2013 - May 2018
CEO (Part-time) at Icelandic Tourist Group, Iceland
October 2013 - June 2021
Art Director & Marketing Manager at Fidro Holding ApS., Denmark
September 2012 - October 2013
Graphic Designer at INNNES ehf., Iceland
September 2010 - April 2013
Post Production Supervisor & Camera Operator at Media Posse, San Francisco
June 2012 - September 2012
Graphic Designer (Freelance), Worldwide
April 1999 - ~